The plan to save the world

This is an improved version of Joe M.’s great video “Q – The Plan to Save the World – REMASTERED” that was created in 2019.

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And it just so happens that Joe M’s Youtube channel along with at least 16 other Qanon and similar channels were deleted by Youtube on the night of Oct. 15, 2020, in a blatant act of censorship.

I don’t believe this video was the cause, but it suffered the fate just by being on the channel. (There were HUNDREDS of patriots’ channels purged that day!)

For those of us who wondered why the logo at the start included a skull, which is often associated with evil, is used for this video which reflects extreme GOOD. Well, it’s actually borrowed from a TV series called The Punisher, who is taking vengeance on those who murdered his wife. So, in this case, it’s a sign of “the good guy”.

The Plan to Save the World communicates a fundamental understanding of what is going on in our world and why we have Q. It is a 40,000-foot overview that explains so many things.

You may initially appreciate it as a story, a fantasy. Or you may see it cynically as politically motivated lies. But for many of us who have followed Q for over a year, this is the frame that the pieces fit into.

 It is the first “big picture” view that makes sense of what we are discovering, and the last story you will hear about on the mainstream news.

When you understand The Plan to Save the World, you will have a better understanding of why Donald Trump was elected president and what exactly is meant when he talks about “draining the swamp.”

Censorship news: On 3/24/2021, after a few months of being “age 18+”, Youtube took this down calling it “harassment and cyberbullying” and gave me a 2nd strike. 

Here’s an article detailing the Oct. 2020 purge of great Youtube channels.