David Fava

David Fava

This web site is dedicated to those who are “Truth Seekers” and “Truth Tellers”.  May they continue to have the courage to speak what is true to all.

I do not just believe everything I hear blindly but seek after truths that will benefit myself and my fellow man. I encourage all to join me in that endeavor.

The material you will find on this web site is meaningful to me and is intended to provoke interest in the subject matter. You are encouraged to review and comment.

“We must continue to do for the truth what so many people do for a lie.”

~ Christian Apologist Perseus Poku

Truth vs. Deception

Truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged.

Public News is more about hiding the truth than providing the truth.

There is a lot more effort to keep the truth from you than getting the truth to you.

God is our Creator! Who would serve a God who gets his butt kicked by one of His creations?


Consider Deeply

Health, Politics, & Religion

Before we consider issues related to these subjects, it would help to consider the view of the planet earth from 100,000 miles away – nearly half the distance to the moon.

From this perspective, we realize the fragility of our way of life.

If from this distance we saw an asteroid hit our planet and destroy our home, it would become clear that our survival in the relative comfort of a spacesuit and spaceship would end and our existence as well. It puts into perspective the true value of all the things we consider in our day-to-day lives on earth.

Those who discuss World War III and dropping nuclear bombs everywhere and killing off humanity need to experience this trip at such a distance from earth. I suggest that those who claim to be experts in Health, Politics & Religion would also benefit from this experience.

After taking such a trip, our return to our home planet would have a new meaning and our attitude would change about values we assign to human life and the lives of all the creatures who share our globe.