‘The Spike Goes to Every Organ System’
Dr. Paul Marik on mRNA in the COVID-19 Vaccine
Vs. Natural Infection, Cheap and Effective
Treatments and Interventions

“We make up about 4 percent of the global population in America, yet we consume 55 percent of prescription drugs. How is that possible? 80 percent of prescription opiates are [prescribed] in this country. So, this tells you the stranglehold that Big Pharma has.”
At the FLCCC Conference last month, I sat down with critical care physician and FLCCC co-founder Dr. Paul Marik to get an update on what we currently know about spike protein-induced diseases in people who’ve contracted COVID-19, versus those who’ve gotten the vaccine.
“When you get the jab, the amount of spike protein is exponentially higher than with natural infection. And that’s why we see all these complications from the vaccine,” explains Dr. Marik.
We discuss the best treatments for ridding the body of spike protein, and how patients can embrace and enhance their ability to heal themselves.
“We have enormous potential [for] self-repair, self-healing, and so many of the drugs’ patients take are toxic,” says Dr. Marik.
We also dive into the battle he has been fighting to legitimize the use of vitamins, lifestyle changes, and cheap and effective repurposed drugs in healthcare.
“The amount of data supporting the concept that vitamin D deficiency causes cancer, and that supplementing with vitamin D reduces your risk of cancer, is overwhelming. And yet, nobody knows about it, and nobody cares,” says Dr. Marik.