Human Evolution

“I think today, maybe we’ll talk about human evolution. Or the lack of it.”

“To think about the evolution of man, it’s always a good idea to remember that we’re all animals. And the rules which govern the lives of lions, of wolves, of our closest relatives, the primates, are no different than the rules which govern our lives.”

“We are in constant competition with each other, competition to breed, to eat, to seek water and shelter. Only man cannot survive without a tribe.”

“Empathy exists to ensure the survival of our offspring. Morality, whatever that may mean, exists to govern the behavior of the members within the tribe in hopes that the tribe does not destroy itself.”

“But now, all these tribes live close together, and we must find a way to see all humankind as one species, not as a collection of tribes. Our survival depends upon this.”

“The age of competition is ended. The age of cooperation is here. If we do not find a way to cooperate, to extend that empathy to all humankind, then we will be the axe that chops our own roots. We will be the arbiters of our own extinction.”

From Mayor of Kingstown
Episode 7 of Season