Globalists consider Trump and populism the main obstacles to a collectivist world order.

Davos leaders ‘have no serious solutions to resurgent populism’.

Posted by Caryn Lipson – January 21, 2024

‘The death blow to what remains of the global order’

Globalists meeting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos are openly discussing their fear of a Trump win in 2024. Their concern, as explained by the personal assistant to Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, is that a Trump victory will destroy the “global order.”

Harari likewise showed disdain for the American people who elected Trump and equated patriotism with not caring about the rest of the world, as reported by Valuetainment’s writer Shane Devine:

World Economic Forum (WEF) contributor and Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari recently said a second Trump term would be the “death blow” to the global order. . .

When asked if he was concerned about the re-election of Trump on an episode of “The Diary of a CEO” podcast, uploaded five days ago, Harari replied:

“I think it’s very likely, and if it happens it is likely to be the kind of death blow to what remains of the global order. And he says it openly. Now again it should be clear that many of these politicians, they present a false dichotomy, a false binary vision of the world, as if you have to choose between patriotism and globalism, between being loyal to your nation and being loyal to some kind of, I don’t know, global government or whatever.”

. . .

Earlier in the interview, he criticized the mindset of the members of the American electorate who voted for Trump in 2016, characterizing it as a foolish isolationist position sure to bring about wars and disasters.

While Harari, like other Trump detractors, has accused the former president of being an isolationist, Harari curiously adds the accusation that his isolationism is ”sure to bring about wars.” Harari, about whom Current Affairs says, “he sacrifices science for sensationalism, and his work is riddled with errors,” did not explain how isolationism causes wars. The U.S. did not enter new wars during Trump’s presidency.

Devine posted this tweet of Harari discussing a Trump 2024 win:

The full interview with Harari can be watched on The Vigilant Fox.

The elites appointed themselves to build your future – and everyone else’s

Harari implied that Americans’ fear of a transition to world government, which pushed them to support Trump, is foolish nonsense. In the below video, however, Klaus Schwab essentially says just that, telling 2022 WEF conference attendees at Davos that it is their powerful community that is in charge of building the world’s future:

WEF frustrated by populists

Politico’s senior foreign affairs correspondent, Nahal Toosi, summarized the frustration of WEF leaders with their inability to move more quickly toward global collectivism:

[Y]ears into the transnational struggle with resurgent populism, the corporate leaders in Davos appear to have no serious solutions. . . .

Far from seeing this as a moment to turn back the tide of insularism, executives are girding for endless backlash. . . .

Like many of the other political observations here, it could have been shared at any time in the past decade. If lessons have been learned from the world’s most acute populist convulsions — the first Trump administration, the Bolsonaro experience in Brazil, the implementation of Brexit and others — they were not in evidence.

Some dissidence allowed – farming and fishing not “ecocide.”

At the 2024 WEF conference held in Davos last week, Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America President Dr. Kevin Roberts was invited to sit on a panel discussing what can be expected from a Republican administration.

Roberts had written an op-ed before the conference stating that the WEF must accept that nations, families, and individuals have the right to govern themselves. Evita Duffy-Alfonso, staff writer for The Federalist, reported on Roberts’s op-ed:

Roberts wrote that he accepted the invitation to deliver the global elites a message. “Davos must accept the moral virtues, practical benefits, and natural rights of nations, families, and individuals to govern themselves,” Roberts wrote, or “‘We, the People’” will “take matters into our own hands.”

. . .

“The agenda that every single member of the administration needs to have is to compile a list of everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum, and object to all of them wholesale,” he added.

Roberts’ assertions are grounded in people’s real fear of the WEF’s despotic policy proposals. So far during the 2024 conference, global elites have discussed ushering in a “new world order,” decried “disinformation and misinformation,” and labeled farming and fishing “ecocide.”

. . .

“I think President Trump, if in fact he wins a second term, is going to be inspired by the wise words of [Argentine President] Javier Milei, who said that he was in power not to guide sheep, but to awaken lions,” concluded the president of Heritage. “That’s what the average American and the average free person on planet Earth wants out of leaders.”