In this episode, Dr. Ardis and Dr. Thomas E. Levy dive deep into sudden cardiac arrest, exploring the connection between nutrition and heart disease. Dr. Levy even discusses his book, “The Toxic Tooth.”

Amid Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, both doctors focus on the significant rise of myocarditis cases during the pandemic era. An interesting point is brought up by an unknown speaker about the spike protein’s presence in organs, especially the heart, which may lead to cardiac instability.

Diving further into the conversation, the potential dangers of COVID-19 vaccines are debated, with a particular focus on the increased risk of sudden cardiac death in young men. Interestingly, Dr. Ardis floats a theory about global warming being a potential cause for sudden deaths.

Meanwhile, monitoring methods, like Holter monitoring, are suggested for early detection and prevention. Dr. Ardis shifts the conversation to those with chronic COVID-19, suggesting these patients may face erratic heart symptoms due to potential spike protein accumulation in the heart. Emphasizing this, the importance of cardiac stress testing is discussed, with Dr. Levy advocating for blood testing and Holter monitoring specifically for those with COVID symptoms.

A major highlight is the topic of “persistent spike protein syndrome” in vaccinated individuals. Dr. Levy’s research indicates that ultraviolet blood irradiation treatments might help lower elevated D dimer protein levels in these individuals, signaling the possible presence of the spike protein in their blood. Various bio-oxidative therapies, including vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone therapy, are spotlighted for their potential benefits.