Medical Prostitution:
Doctors On the Take
Minnesota – New York Times

Alliance for Human Research Protection

The New York Times reports that between 1997 and 2005, Dr. Grimm earned more than $798,000 from drug companies: In 2003 alone, Pfizer paid Dr. Grimm more than $231,000: Lipitor sales that last year had $12.9 billion, more than any other drug in the world; and Norvasc had sales last year of $4.9 billion.

“Drug companies are like lions,” Dr. Grimm said of his sponsored talks. “For lions, it’s their nature to kill zebras and eat them. For drug companies, it’s their nature to make money. They’re not really trying to improve anybody’s health except if it makes them money. Doctors are already being “educated” by drug companies and their physician hustlers –and that is precisely what has turned medicine into a profession of ill repute!