A clear overview of why the pandemic was a worldwide criminal operation.

Pandemics Are Planned with A Purpose

Hundreds of millions of scientists, physicians, nurses, journalists, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement officers, and citizens around the world are revealing to humanity that the recent pandemics are no natural events, but rather large-scale criminal operations with a dark agenda.

See the facts and judge for yourself.

PLANNED: Thousands of physicians, scientists & lawyers worldwide have come forward with evidence that this pandemic was planned, with a criminal purpose.

COVID-19 vaccines were already developed in 2019, months before the pandemic! In 2018, every country in the world suddenly began importing hundreds of millions of COVID-19 test kits.

Three months before the pandemic, it was announced that a coronavirus pandemic was coming from Wuhan. Two months before the pandemic, Bill Gates organized a ‘coronavirus pandemic exercise’.

In 2018, Fauci guaranteed there would be a pandemic during the first term of the Trump administration. 

BRIBERY: Politicians receive large sums of money to enforce lockdowns. For example, the president of Belarus was offered a billion dollars, but he refused and exposed this bribery.

The Nigerian government was offered $400 million to follow the agenda of Bill Gates. Italian politician Sara Cunial confronted the Italian president for accepting money from Bill Gates to lock down the country.

Hospitals receive $39,000 for every patient who dies and is registered as a ‘covid death’. Newsmedia and celebrities are paid handsomely to spread covid propaganda. And much, much more!

CRIME: In every country, there are organizations with thousands of medical professionals stating that the
pandemic is an organized crime. USA: America’s Frontline Doctors.

Europe: Doctors for Truth (Netherlands), Doctors for Freedom (Belgium), Doctors for Enlightenment (Germany), Medical Freedom Alliance (UK), etc. Examples of global groups are the World Doctors Alliance and COMUSAV, where tens of thousands of physicians, academicians, lawyers, scientists and politicians join together in the fight against this crime.

LAW: A network of 100 lawyers, led by renowned international trial lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, is currently working with 100 experts from every field of science.

They have irrefutable evidence that the pandemic, lockdowns, vaccines, etc. are – in their own words – ‘the worst crimes against humanity ever committed’.

Source: StopWorldControl