Black Seed Oil

Recent statistics show that cases of anxiety disorders are up 1200% over the past three decades. There is a widespread opinion that it is a feature of modern times. In fact, some people call it the disease of 21st century, which has become epidemic.

Researchers comprehend that today the search for new natural alternative for the anxiety is necessary. That’s why, they are conducting numerous pharmacological studies on the extracts of Nigella Sativa Seeds. They are discovering that black seed oil, correctly extracted from Nigella Sativa seeds, is a high value medicinal solvent. It is efficient in the treatment of all kinds of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

These discoveries are opening the floodgates of attention.

Many researchers are indeed assessing its effects on central nervous system too in order to find out how it actually works. In all their studies, black seed oil exhibited ‘Anxiolytic’ effect. It also encouraged efficiency in psychological behaviors on all measures of fear and other anxiety like behaviors.

For example, oral administration of black seed oil raises brain levels of 5-HT, but at the same time it reduces of 5-HIAA notably. This proves that this latent, natural remedy can improve anxiety like behaviors on a massive scale.

Furthermore, in another study, researchers revealed that this potent oil also increases brain and plasma levels of tryptophan.

In case you don’t know about ‘Tryptophan’, it is a phenomenal amino acid. It regulates your mood, balances hormone levels, and decreases anxiety. This amino acid also elevates serotonin naturally that facilitates in stabilizing moods and keeping people from being depressed.

Based on this research, people recommend ‘Black Seed Oil’ as a useful choice for anxiety treatment.

However, this is just one aspects of this oil. There are lots of other factors that make it a potent potion for anxiety and panic disorders.

One of the main components of black seed oil, thymoquinone, also enhances the anti-anxiety effects through modulation of GABA and NO.

Besides, do you know deficiency of some specific nutrients can also cause anxiety, panic attacks, and mood swings? Yes, it’s true. If you are dealing with chronic anxiety or mood problems, there is a chance that you are nutrient deficient too.

Fortunately, there are lots of nutrients and vitamins in the black seed oil that can banish anxiety from your life – forever.

Many vitamins and other compounds of this oil are directly associated with brain function. These vitamins not only reduce anxiety, but also make you feel great emotional strength and extreme confidence.

Bear in mind that the anti-anxiety effects of black seed oil take time to work and so do not expect an overnight cure. But some people feel the anti-anxiety effects of it on day one too.

Lastly, and most importantly, can you drink Black Seed Oil?

This question often baffles people, as they assume it is potent oil, and it’s perhaps not safe to drink it in a long-term.

Well, you can drink the ‘Black Seed Oil’. It is completely safe, and without side effects. However, you cannot take black seed oil if your pregnant and you must quit taking black seed oil 2 weeks prior to any surgery.

For internal use, most people take one teaspoon of black seed oil twice per day with honey or juice and always on an empty stomach. Some people mix it in a cup of yogurt too or drizzle it on a salad or on veggies in place of olive oil.

Concluding Thoughts

Anxiety related diseases can be caused by state of stress, despair, confusion, and fear. They are among the most common and prevalent forms of psycho-social dysfunctions, with no age boundaries. If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, you will almost benefit from taking black seed oil. Some people experience gentle positive results, while others relish phenomenal results in no time. It relies on the severity of disease & health condition.

For a quick response or treatment take 1 inch of peeled and shredded fresh ginger and 1/2 teaspoon of this black seed oil and mix well.  Eat all at once.  It will give you immediate relieve and relaxation.  For panic attacks, this remedy works well.  You can also use ground seeds if you prefer.  It does have an awful taste.