At Church of Glad Tidings, we have a heart to help those who have been disenfranchised, abused or poorly treated.

For over 40 years, we have worked hard investing our time, our energy and our money into meeting urgent needs both locally and abroad. That truly is God’s heart for each of us and has inspired us to embrace the ministry motto: “Find a Need and MEET IT! Find a Hurt and HEAL IT!

Following this vision has taken us from modest beginnings to having built numerous orphanages and helped alleviate the misery of many both young and old here in America and in India, Cambodia, Moldova, Romania, Uganda and abroad.

Over the years, our attention has been increasingly drawn to the tragic escalation of the world-wide child sex trafficking trade, recently eclipsing the international drug trade to become the #1 profitable criminal enterprise world-wide!

Following our passionate commitment “to provide a Christ honoring solution to every urgent need” we have embarked on a mission to create a sanctuary for children who have been rescued from the unspeakable cruelty and degradation of the international sex trade.

We have partnered with Mission Safe Harbour – the largest and most aggressive child rescue operation in world history and are currently in the process of buying a ten-acre facility in Live Oak, California that was formerly a low security women’s prison. We will be transforming it from a prison to a paradise of beauty, love and healing where former sex slaves of international pedophiles are rescued, protected and provided for in a safe and loving “heaven on earth” environment. We are calling it Peace of Heaven Children’s Paradise!

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We will provide the most effective Pre-K through Post 12th grade education available, with special emphases on art and music programs, and opportunities for agricultural and agrarian tutelage – as well as technical training in many forms of animal husbandry and equestrian disciplines.

Peace of Heaven will tailor education specifically to each child’s individual interests and God-given passions and propensities instead of the lock-stepped rote learning approach that has left America largely bereft of capable leaders and young entrepreneurs.

We will teach practical skills that range from food preparation, pottery making, and drama productions, to carpentry, computer sciences and videography, and will focus primarily on preparing each child for a truly blessed and productive adult life upon the completion of their teen years in Peace of Heaven  Children’s Paradise.


We have partnered with Mission Safe Harbour to make Peace of Heaven Children’s Paradise a model that inspires other similar children’s refuges throughout the world, until TOGETHER we eradicate the evil of Child Sex Trafficking from under heaven! TOGETHER WE CAN!

Please join us as we revamp this former prison into a glorious paradise of beauty and healing for these horrifically abused children by combining our talents, our time, and our resources to see these young lives rescued from this hellish slavery and transformed into the noble young men and women God created them to be!!!